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CerberHost: Matching Agility and Safety

As part of our commitment to security and continuous improvement, we have created CerberHost, an ultra-secure solution.

Exclusively designed in-house, CerberHost represents nearly 10 years of R&D and continuously proven processes. Based on the « Security by Design » model, our CerberHost solution was born from a human and technological alliance (14 human procedures and 37 technical protections).

Today, data protection is a critical challenge. Net4All’s mission is to enable you to achieve a high level of security that meets your needs and the requirements of the Swiss market.

CerberHost: the Security Standard

The number of cyber-attacks continues to grow. In 2018, nearly 61% of the world’s large companies suffered one or more computer attacks. International organisations, governments, SMEs, small businesses: no company is immune. Therefore, IT security must be at the focus of our concerns. Companies are advised to train for, and to raise the security awareness of their teams, internally.

This is all the more true for e-commerce sites, or for the web platforms of large companies that have to face availability and performance challenges. The unavailability of your platform, or a data theft, can have serious consequences on your business. In this respect, our ultra-secure solution CerberHost ensures a tailor-made protection to answer your challenges and needs.

Our Ultra-Secure CerberHost Solution

Our mission, through CerberHost, is to jeopardise the hacker, making his task difficult. Our technology is based on defence capabilities at each level of your information system (application, networks, operating system …). To secure our customers’ platform, we have implemented our CerberHost solution on 2 levels.

CerberHost Based

Net4All teams believe that any hosted platform deserves a high level of « default security « . Thus, we offer our customers a classic version of CerberHost, CerberHost Based.

The latter does not impact your processes or applications. Nevertheless, this solution gives you access to a high level of security. The advantages of this service include:

  • Separation in a partitioned network
  • Integration of WAF ModSecurity
  • AntiDDos
  • A reinforced and hardened distribution and core
  • Data encryption
  • Etc.

CerberHost Advanced

As for the second level, CerberHost Advanced gives you access to protection tailored to your platform. Considered one of the most secure offers on the Swiss market, CerberHost Advanced, presents, in addition to the features of CerberHost Based:

  • Double authentication
  • Virtual patching
  • Code security review at every step

This solution promotes collaboration between Net4All teams and the client. CerberHost Advanced allows for a completely transparent vision of the integration of different processes on your applications.

CerberHost: a solution that meets your needs

Every company is aware of its security challenges and requirements. Some platforms contain sensitive data that is critical to protect. Net4All experts will help you choose the offer that best suits your challenges.

  • CerberHost Based: gives you access to a high level of security without impacting your application system.
  • CerberHost Advanced: gives you more freedom through integration with your internal security policy. This solution requires a stricter methodology while involving you in the project from A to Z.

The CerberHost solution appeals to you and you would like tailor-made support? Do not hesitate to contact us!