From DevOps to DevSecOps, for an Agile Security

DevSecOps integrates security processes and controls throughout a project. It is the reason why it is considered as an extension of the DevOps culture. These security guidelines are introduced as early as the project design stage, and are thus implemented throughout the entire life cycle.

In order to massively reduce costs and Time to Market, security is embedded at each milestone rather than at the end of the project.

DevSecOps: the Method

Choosing the DevSecOps method is above all taking advantage of processes and tools, especially from a culture that allows you to reinforce your security standard, as well as to facilitate the collaboration between your teams.

To be as effective as possible, the DevSecOps method requires the consideration of three key drivers:

  • The creation of security processes throughout the development cycle of a project;
  • The development of a strong security culture and the empowerment of the teams by involving them as well as by allowing them to be players in the project;
  • Taking advantage of the accelerating digital transformation and automation possibilities to ensure continuous and proactive security. This can be done through the creation of automated code reviews in the CI/CD chain, vulnerability scans, scripts to verify compliance with security constraints, etc.

Strong Support: the Asset of DevSecOps by Net4All

Net4All’s Security Champions lead you and enable you to take advantage of security standards integrated to your DevOps or SCRUM methods in a transparent and collaborative way.

A DevSecOps Team

In order to best protect your challenges and lines of business, our experts must have a vision of the architecture, future deliveries, user rights, etc. The goal is, of course, to connect with your teams.


All along our support, we offer awareness sessions for your employees to acculturate them to the best security practices.

Safe Innovation

As Net4all is a Secure Cloud Operator, our teams can also help you with the performance and security of your architectures, even the most innovative ones (Serverless, Datalake, etc.).

Our teams take part in the performance of your continuous integration process by identifying the risks generated by a new delivery.

Loyalty Rewarded

After an initial no-commitment approach, the joint definition of a delivery planning and a workshop schedule allows you to optimise your workloads and make sustainable the continuous improvement of security.

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