ISO 27001 Certification

iso 27001 suisse

Data is crucial, it is the backbone of your business. That’s why hosting is not just about providing storage and infrastructure.

For each project, it is necessary to ask questions about resource allocation, service architecture, where data will be stored, and the security procedures and processes implemented.

ISO 27001: safety through people

ISO / CEI 27001 is the world-recognised standard for the IT security in Information Systems. It certifies companies complying with the ISO / IEC 27000-series.

To obtain it, it is necessary to meet various criteria: ensure the relevance of the Information Security Management System (ISMS), its operation and development, in a commitment to continuous improvement.

In order to be certified, we have put in place: audits, application corrections, work in the pre-production environment, analyses, backup recovery and, of course, a policy of continuous improvement.

En tant qu’Opérateur de Clouds Sécurisés suisse, Net4All a cœur d’offrir à ses clients le service le plus sécurisé possible. C’est pourquoi nous travaillons chaque jour en conformité à la démarche ISO 27001 que ce soit sur notre hébergement, notre service support, notre infogérance et pour nos 2 Datacenters à Genève.

Grâce à cette certification, nous pouvons aussi guider nos clients sur le Cloud Public en toute sécurité ou accompagner un client éditeur de logiciel pour faire certifier ses propres offres.

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