Security Audit


Nowadays, companies are increasingly faced with cyber-attacks. The security of your platforms and data is therefore crucial. Every year, more than 2 million attacks are recorded worldwide* with economic impacts, but also social, personal, etc.

Our Approach

With the objective to verify that your platform is fully protected, our security experts are at your disposal to carry out security audits.

Our goal is to identify the global security level of the audited components. To this end, we use our skills and expertise to identify potential failures so that you can correct them and improve the security of your data.

Once these analyses are completed, our experts will suggest actions to be put in place in order to improve your safety and performance.

Following these audits, we can also provide you with Forensic and intrusion testing services.

An audit in 4 steps

At Net4All, a security audit takes place according to the following principles:

  1. Build an audit protocol according to the applicable standards and referentials
  2. Discuss with the operational teams and business lines in order to gain a better understanding on how the scope of the audit is operating
  3. Collect then review processes and documentation to ensure that each risk is assessed
  4. Analyse settings in order to identify flaws and propose recommendations

Are you interested in our audits? Do not hesitate to contact our security experts!