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In general, cloud web hosting provides access to a set of resources and services tailored to your needs, while removing the associated technical and operational constraints. You don’t need servers on-site or even specialized teams in-house; your data is stored directly in a cloud infrastructure and maintained by security and computer hosting professionals.

The cloud can reduce your costs and save you time that you can use to focus on actions that add value and improve your systems’ performance, availability, scalability and security. However, not all cloud solutions are the same; each one meets different needs. Our cloud architecture experts are here to help you find the one that will best serve your business and build the platform most suited to your issues.


Cloud architecture

Do you want to outsource your information system’s management? Do you need more flexibility for your website or web application? Do you process sensitive data and want to make it more secure? Are you growing and looking to cross a new technological threshold?

Whether you are an SME or a multinational, it is vital to be present online. However, this is no longer sufficient to stand out from your competitors: the difference is made on web performance and site availability, security of personal data, user experience, etc. All these elements are related to the hosting solution you choose for your information systems.

Clearly, the cloud is now at the forefront. Potentially–infinite scalability, guaranteed availability rates, and optimised performance are some of the benefits of this technology. However, for a migration to the cloud to be successful, it requires changes to your processes, your systems, and your business in general. That’s why it’s called a digital transformation!

The cloud: specific functions that adapt to your needs

Whether public or private, the cloud is a major change in the way your data is stored and processed, and how your data flows are managed and secured. Cloud solutions offer nearly infinite possibilities. This is their key strength since they can adapt to all types of contexts, constraints, and needs. In exchange, you have to accept how the cloud works. Otherwise, you simply cannot enjoy its benefits. If you migrate your information systems to the cloud as-is, you won’t benefit from the cloud’s scalability, security, or from the cost savings it can generate.

This is the job of cloud architects: experts who know these technologies’ functions and specificities like the back of their hand and who can take advantage of them to guarantee your success. By listening to your project, your needs, your core objectives and your operating and production constraints, by examining your current processes, cloud architects understand your major challenges and what you expect from your information system.

They create a bespoke cloud architecture that meets each of your needs or offers a workaround or alternative solution if your requests cannot be fulfilled as-is. A cloud architect also supports you throughout your project’s life cycle, helping you to improve it continually, take advantage of the latest vendor innovations and adapt to events that may impact your business.

Public or private cloud architecture

There are two major types of cloud: public and private. In both cases, your data is hosted on servers managed and maintained by your provider who provides you with related resources and services. But there are significant differences between the two solutions.

Public clouds are represented by offers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Exoscale. These resources are shared, meaning the servers that host your data may be used by other clients. Don’t misunderstand this, it doesn’t mean that your data is accessible to everyone, but simply that if your platform doesn’t use all of the server’s resources at a given moment, the unused resources may be used to serve another client. Generally, this has no impact on your web performance or availability, since the exponential amount of resources that these providers possess minimise the possibility of conflict between two platforms.

On a private cloud, you have a dedicated server, meaning that only you can use it: the resources that you don’t use at any given time remain available to you should you need them. It is less flexible but provides greater control over your data. Cloud4All, Net4All’s private cloud, is located in Switzerland (Geneva) to control your data’s sovereignty.

Note that you can create a virtual private cloud within a public cloud! This option combines the flexibility and cost savings of the public cloud with the infrastructure control of a private cloud. Speak with our experts who can help guide you in choosing a solution!

What type of secure cloud should you choose?

Whatever the type of cloud you choose, whether public or private, security should be a key part of your project. While most cloud solutions have their own specificities regarding this issue and provide your infrastructure with the main security tools by default, this is not enough to protect your data.

Equip yourself with IT security solutions and, above all, create an IT security policy to assess the risks your business faces and how to confront them. Net4All’s experts are here to guide you in securing your cloud architecture from the technical standpoint once you know what level of security should be applied to your information system.

Furthermore, Net4All offers the most secure Switzerland-based cloud solution available on our private cloud Cloud4All and on AWS: CerberHost. This turnkey solution made up of several interconnecting layers of technical, organisational, and human security protects your web platform from the most common attacks without any action required on your part.

Modelling your cloud architecture: Net4All’s expertise

With 18 years of experience, Net4All’s specialists support you in creating or improving your cloud architecture. By understanding your challenges, your needs, and your constraints, they work with you to create the system that will make your business a success. If you can’t decide, they can also help you choose a cloud solution that best meets your needs.

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