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The cloud and virtual infrastructures now offer flexibility and scalability that on-site physical infrastructures cannot. Using a public or private cloud solution has become a necessity in today’s businesses to keep up with the competition in the coming years.

However, while they may offer many similar basic benefits, each of the solutions has its own specificities. In a constantly changing digital world featuring fast-paced recurrent disruptive innovation, these details can make all the difference to a project’s success.

Net4All offers you a variety of cloud solutions, and our experts can help you choose the one that will best serve your business and adapt it to the way you work.


The cloud, adapted to your specific needs

You have two main options for the cloud: a private cloud and a public cloud.

The public cloud provides a high level of flexibility and speed with an often-unbeatable guarantee of availability. However, its servers may be pooled and your data hosted abroad. Note that public clouds make tests and temporary architectures easier, come with no commitments and cost the least.

If you have a very specific project, a public cloud also offers very specialised features for better performance and cost savings. This can be the case for a Big Data project if you need to store a great amount of data or if your business needs a global infrastructure.

Our experts can host and manage your web applications on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure clouds. They are certified and know these solutions inside-out so they can help you create, manage, and get the most out of your cloud architecture.

On the other hand, a private cloud secures your data through dedicated infrastructure. It lets you build a custom architecture and keep control over your data. At Net4All, we offer web hosting for your data on our Cloud4All private cloud with datacenters in Geneva.

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Choosing a cloud solution that meets your needs

The hosting solution you choose is the result of a precise analysis of your project, so we can work together to build the architecture that best fits your environment. This upstream study is based on your business’s strategic challenges and on the applications and websites to be hosted. The more the study of your project includes your strategic priorities and specific needs, the easier it will be to maintain it in working order and to improve it continually. Our employees work with you to achieve this, bringing their expertise on how the cloud works and on the specificities of each computing solution. They know how to make the most of its features to meet your needs.

For SMEs and large corporations

Do you want to outsource your infrastructure in a secure external environment?

Do you want experts to help you implement and manage your information system?

Are you looking for professional expertise to make your business a success?

Our employees study your project and suggest a custom cloud architecture that meets your needs and challenges with the technologies of your choice. Contact us!

For web agencies

Do you want to offer your services by showcasing a recognised high-quality cloud infrastructure?

Do you want access to a broad base of technical experts in web platform management?

Are you looking for advice in designing and maintaining your clients’ platforms in working condition?

Do you want to keep your investments under control by consolidating your hosted clients on the same platform?

Are you looking for a partner you can trust, who understands you and your clients’ challenges?

Our local team is focused on customer satisfaction and works with you to build a project to support Swiss companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!

For publishers

Do you want to increase market share and offer your solutions in SaaS mode?

Do you need an expert in secure web hosting to help build your offer?

Do you want to guarantee local service to your customers with secure management of their data?

Do you want to focus on your business while a trusted partner manages your infrastructure?

Our experts are here to help support your business and satisfy your end customers. Contact us!

Security no matter the cloud

Over the past few years, individuals have grown increasingly concerned about companies storing and processing their personal data. Today, protecting that data is a necessity, both in terms of image (loss of customer trust) and legislation (data protection laws such as the GDPR for EU nationals).

Whatever the type of cloud or supplier you choose, Net4All places the utmost importance on your infrastructure’s security. Our teams offer CerberHost, the most secure Switzerland-based cloud solution, available on AWS or our private cloud, Cloud4All. Its several layers of human, technical, and organisational protection work together to protect your systems and web applications against the most common threats such as personal data theft, industrial espionage, or work stoppage due to ransomware or a DDoS attack.

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