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Swiss cloud solution : Cloud4All

The Cloud4all cloud solution gives you access to a 100% Swiss infrastructure.

Hosted in our data centers, it allows you to have basically anything you need, from an IaaS platform based on VMware vSphere & vCloud Director, up to virtual environments 100% managed by our teams.

Why trust Net4All for your web hosting?

Whether you are an SME, a large company, or a software publisher, hosting your sites or applications is an important component of your business plan. That is what Net4all has learned, which is why our teams make every effort to support you as far as possible in your projects.

With 17 years of expertise, our human-scale company provides a quality service. Our teams provide you with strong support and advice tailored to your needs.

Our 100%-Swiss tailored private cloud hosting solution adjusts to your business constraints and provides performance and security to make your projects a real success.

Net4All’s guarantees

years of experience
Bilingual teams
Security: our priority

Web hosting and outsourcing

Because web hosting and outsourcing are not your specialities, Net4All is committed to providing you with the best support on these topics so that you can focus on your business.

Hosting your digital data

Do you need just a web hosting service without outsourcing? Do you have the necessary skills in-house, or do you want to set up a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan on standardised technologies? With Net4All, it’s possible. We’ll be delighted to host your environments in our IBM data center and let you manage them!

Tailored outsourcing

Is controlling your investments by consolidating your websites and applications in the same platform a strategic issue? Is entrusting the complete management of your infrastructure and architecture to a third party a priority? Then Cloud4All is the solution for you! With more than 17 years of experience as hosting experts, Net4All’s teams are accustomed to managing complex projects with varied environments and major business stakes. That’s why we offer tailored outsourcing solutions to best meet your business needs and constraints.

Cloud solution: our main advantages in private clouds

Data center & redundancy

We operate our own infrastructure in our two Geneva-based data centers (one Tier 3 and one Tier 3+) and now have a fully redundant infrastructure suitable to deal with numerous architecture scenarios, ranging from a standard environment to multiple, complex, and hybrid environments, while providing availability and optimal stability to your environments. Find out more about our local infrastructure!

Our own infrastructure is installed at our two Geneva-based data centers (Tier 3 and Tier 3+) and operated by our teams. Today, it is fully redundant and suitable for hosting many types of architecture, from a standard environment to multiple, complex, and hybrid environments, while providing availability and optimal stability to your platforms. Find out more about our local infrastructure here.

Flexibility & monitoring

Because your business isn’t constant throughout the year and you’re likely to experience traffic peaks (anticipated or not), it’s important for your environment to be able to scale up from time to time. With this scalability in mind, our teams can roll out additional VMs or increase the capacity of your platforms in very short processing times thanks to our configuration management tools. With reasonable notice from you, this process may take only a few minutes to set up.

In addition, our outsourcing solution includes surveillance of the entire system and network of infrastructure with the Shinken monitoring tool. This surveillance system provides good visibility about the health of your environments and can help anticipate situations that may become critical. This monitoring is also available as an option for our web hosting solution without outsourcing.

IT Security & Compliance

IT security is the cornerstone of any long-lasting web project. That’s why Net4All has been upgrading its services, infrastructure, and solutions for several years to meet this strong need that you have, while fully respecting your business constraints.

All of our web hosting solutions have been ISO 27001-certified. Net4All’s certification, earned in 2017, covers our two data centers as well as our entire protocol for managing, backing up, and processing digital data passing through our production site. For more information about our certification, visit this page.

In addition, our CerberHost secure cloud solution, available on our Cloud4All private cloud and the AWS public cloud, will give you Switzerland’s most secure protection. This combination of tools and processes works at every level of your hosting: hardware, operating system, network, application stack, database, website and application, human management, and so on. Learn more about this option and discover CerberHost: THE security solution.

Customer services and support: to guide you to success

Because your project is important for you and your business, our teams will be at your side throughout your project to support you and share our cloud architecture expertise with you.

Designing your architecture

Defining an optimal architecture is not necessarily an easy exercise. Do you want support from experts in building your cloud platforms and solutions? Our pre-sales engineers work with our sales teams to offer you an architecture adapted to your needs from the beginning of your project.

Project Management

Want to work with a partner who is aware of your issues and has extensive experience? Want a dedicated project manager for a complex project? Net4All can offer you the option of a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to monitor the technical aspects of your project. The SDM will serve as a true go-between between your teams and your technical service providers’ teams and will ensure that your applications work properly. Find out more about our SDM solution.

Technical Support

Our technical support is available to you by phone, email, and a ticketing system. For upgrades, compliance, debugging, and incident management, our teams are available to help you Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

If you want to extend these hours, you can choose the on-call option: our teams can respond to any incidents 24/7. View our page dedicated to this option here.

Complex projects? A simple answer: Net4All

Have a mixed project? Looking for a partner who can combine public cloud and private cloud? Security and agility? Don’t hesitate to call on our teams!

Several of our clients (particularly in banking and insurance) have varied needs that require combining, for example:

  • Private cloud environments to host business applications, requiring a high level of security and a guarantee of data backups on Swiss territory; as well as
  • Public cloud environments to host their showcase website with a strong need for internationalisation, flexibility, and financial optimisation.

It is in the face of this type of issue that we have built up our expertise over the years. Today, we can respond to this kind of problem and provide strong feedback on the design of your complex cloud architecture for your hybrid projects.