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Swiss data center: data hosting

The fuel of the digital economy of today and tomorrow is data. Data can be recycled, given new value, and enriched… but also damaged or stolen. Controlling the location of digital data is a major strategic issue for many companies for economic, regulatory, or technical reasons. Armed with its Swiss data centers, Net4All operates public clouds but above all offers 100% Swiss web hosting (outsourced or not) thanks to its two controlled sites.

Hosting your digital data in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with a long-standing awareness of IT security. It is no longer a matter of getting people to listen and understand why security is important, but rather providing solutions to know how to secure data. That is Net4All’s ultimate goal.

IT security is a very broad practice, but our focus here will be on storing and backing up your data. In addition to Net4All’s data backup solution, we’ve also put a great deal of effort into the conditions in which we manage, store, and back up your data. We’ve made significant investments in our Swiss data centers. By relying on partners who take security issues seriously, we can now provide you with viable, secure, durable hosting thanks to our two SafeHost and IBM data centers.

Primary data center:  IBM


To ensure that we always provide a better-quality service, Net4All invested in a second data center in 2013: the IBM data center. Based in Geneva and very modern, it has become Net4All’s primary hosting data center.

Consisting of Lenovo CPUs and RAM, accompanied by Dell EMC storage, and relying on IBM network components, this data center provides our customers with excellent performance and the capacity for redundancy using the SafeHost secondary data center.

With more than 3,100 sq. m dedicated to protecting your digital data, here are some of its technical features:

  • Power supply maintained by a 72-hour 5MW emergency diesel generator and redundant inverters even in case of a general power failure
  • Enhanced security through access control and biometric authentication
  • A broadband connection through a dual fibre input (independent path) and an internal fibre optic network
  • Broadband connection maintained using multiple operators
  • Temperature maintained with air conditioning (free cooling) and heat recovery systems

Historical data center: SafeHost


The SafeHost data center was opened in 2002. This was Net4All’s very first data center. Based in Geneva, this historical operations centre for the company is now the secondary data center of the Net4All infrastructure.

This data center, the largest in Switzerland, guarantees you the greatest security to protect your digital data.

Here are some of its technical features:

  • Redundant power supply to ensure continued availability of power in case of a general power failure
  • Six 2.25 MVA emergency diesel generators
  • A broadband connection through a dual fibre input (independent path) and an internal fibre optic network
  • Temperature maintained by air conditioning and resilient cooling systems
  • Full administration of access control and security through biometric identification on all floors of the building
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified

Security for your digital data: trust Net4All’s web hosting

“Together, let’s make the digital world safer!”: that is our mission. With this in mind, if we can implement solutions within our infrastructure, solutions, or processes to bring you more security, we commit to it. That is how Net4All became ISO 27001-certified.

In a web project, companies often use many different service providers: development agency, host and/or outsourcer, SEO agency, logistics provider, etc. It’s often difficult to get everyone to agree on the security processes to follow.

The adoption of an ISO 27001-certified “Internet hosting platform” is not only the assurance that the production infrastructure is maintained according to clear, logged procedures, but it is also the opportunity to develop procedures common to everyone involved in the management of your applications or information systems.

That’s why since 2017, Net4All has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its data centers, its outsourced web hosting solution, and its management processes. With Net4all’s outsourced hosting, you can be sure that all your service providers manage and follow the security processes properly. Learn more about our ISO 27001 certification

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