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Threats of computer attacks on digital businesses have been steadily increasing in recent years. The digital criminals who are behind these attacks find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities every day. Today, security is a crucial issue for your business whatever your sector of activity, and, to achieve your sustainability goals, you must respond effectively and efficiently.

In this context, high-security hosting is the right solution for the safety of your business, your reputation, your customers, and your employees. Our secure hosting solutions allow you to protect all of your data against known cyber-attacks, and to strengthen the relationship of trust with your customers and partners.


Secure hosting

Do you want to protect your business against the growing threat of IT attacks?

Whether you are an organization, a private company, or a public institution, you are concerned by the security of personal data, whether it is yours, your clients/members, or your partners. To begin, any business must respect the five principles of personal data protection: purpose, relevance, preservation, individual rights, and security. In your business context, you have already established the purpose of collecting data, how it is relevant to your objectives while respecting your customers and employees’ rights. These topics are addressed by the new European regulation, the GDPR, which you must respect if your customers are EU nationals. But, in terms of preservation and security, do you have the best, current means of protection to combat computer attacks?

Computer security seems to be a constraint, but it is not that complex. To get started, you need to build your project by following good security practices for developing and configuring your systems and update your software very regularly, especially when it comes to security patches. The goal? Leave as few flaws as possible so as not to encourage hackers to attack you. 100% computer security does not exist, and even the best experts can make mistakes.

That’s why these best practices are not enough to guarantee your web applications and Information Systems’ security. Today, attacks (successful or not) happen every day and are often opportunistic; hackers identify insecure companies through automated tools which means that no one is safe. You must set up a permanent monitoring solution for your Information Systems to identify attacks, but also all security incidents that may occur, so you can react and protect your business immediately. This is the role of web hosting security: to be your eyes, your ears, and your shield so you can focus on other actions that add value.

Protecting your data against computer attacks

One of the most common and high-profile threats today is the DDoS attack which can make one or more websites slow or, more often, unavailable for periods ranging from a few minutes to several days. Their consequences can range from harm to your brand image to a stoppage of your production or a drop in your turnover. However, there is a straightforward way to protect yourself: using anti-DDoS solutions on your networks. An anti-DDoS system can mitigate this type of computer attack to keep your application as fast and available as usual, so you can maintain control of your web platform.

At Net4All, we go further and protect you from most known web attacks such as DDoS, code injections, or ransomware with a turnkey high-security cloud solution: CerberHost. Specially designed by our experts, this secure cloud solution guarantees a very high level of protection regardless of the state of your code or application.

How to choose the right secure hosting solution

It is not easy to choose a secure hosting provider. Data protection has become a social issue, and many providers are talking about it. However, do not be fooled by well-honed speeches, and always take the trouble to learn about your providers. Do they comply with safety standards and regulations? Do they offer guarantees? Audit them before you start. It is always cheaper to invest at the beginning of the project rather than embark on a new collaboration and make big unforeseen changes to secure your website.

Net4All is ISO 27001 certified and makes its customers’ availability and security its highest priority. Based in Switzerland, our teams make their expertise available to you, so your hosting projects succeed and your data is secure. Our secure hosting solutions are available on the Net4All private cloud (data located in Geneva) as well on Azure and AWS public clouds. Even on these foreign providers, we can guarantee you the highest level of security! For example, this is the case for CerberHost.

CerberHost, the high-security cloud solution

Our secure cloud solution, CerberHost, is a high-security solution that allows your web platform to deal with almost all known attacks (OWASP TOP 10). Our experts have worked for several years on this solution to guarantee you 99.9% security for all your data.

CerberHost has undergone numerous tests and challenges to test its ability to withstand cyber-attacks. These tests were conducted by professionals and “white hackers”, people who act as hackers but do not exploit the systems they compromise for malicious purposes. Equipped with several layers of technical, organisational, and human protection, this high-security solution can detect a computer attack and block it in real time.

Today’s technologies are continuously evolving, and digital criminals too. CerberHost is an adaptable solution developed by a team of experts who maintain and improve it thanks to a permanent security monitoring. It gives you peace of mind and reinforces the image of reliability that you project to your clients and partners.

Do you want your business to respect all the data protection rules in force in Switzerland and in Europe? CerberHost guarantees that your business will respect all these legal obligations.

Find out about CerberHost, the secure cloud solution!

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