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Anti-DDoS solution

Denial of service attacks, better known as DDoS attacks, consist in overloading the resources supporting your websites or applications, causing them to slow down or make them unavailable. Their goal is to attack your brand image, reduce your turnover if you are an e-seller, or cause a diversion during a more serious attack.

There is an anti-DDoS solution that can protect you against denial of service attacks. Anti-DDoS is a type of computer protection that diverts malicious traffic before it reaches your server, so your online activity stays intact. Legitimate users can continue to access your website without slowdowns or stoppages.

Why you need Anti-DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are becoming more widespread and massive. In 2016, they caused one of the most significant takedowns in recent years: Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and GitHub were unavailable because of a DDoS attack on a DNS (Domain Name Server). Hackers love these kinds of attacks because they are cheap and easy to do with very effective results.

For example, a gifted hacker can infect hundreds of computers with a simple phishing campaign and use them to attack your website anonymously and for free. A malicious amateur can buy a DDoS attack on the “Dark Net” for the tiny sum of 4 dollars for one hour of attack, while an hour of a DDoS attack costs the victim on average 7,000 to 40,000 Swiss francs. Furthermore, the computer criminal is found in only 1% of cases. Hackers can commit these types of attacks without concern.

Beyond ideological concerns (shutting up the media, attacking a competitor, denouncing bad practices, etc.), hackers can also get an immediate financial reward by asking for a ransom to end the attack. As you can see, DDoS attacks are hackers’ swiss knives.

Compared to this threat, implementing an anti-DDoS solution is easy and low cost. As is often the case with IT security, using anti-DDoS protection encourages hackers to find a new target. A DDoS attack on a protected company is on average four times more expensive than one on an unsecured target.

Anti-DDoS: Net4All’s solution

At Net4All, customer security is our top priority. We offer a solution that allows your users to access your website even during a DDoS attempt, so your business can carry on.

Anti-DDoS protection is installed on our network upstream of our Geneva datacenters in Switzerland. It continuously filters all your Internet traffic, looking for malicious queries that highlight a burgeoning denial of service attack: web zombies, deformed HTTP requests, etc.

When a DDoS attack is detected, the malicious traffic is diverted before it reaches your servers while legitimate traffic passes through. For your servers’ point of view, it’s like nothing happened: it is not subjected to an exponential increase in traffic and does not break down under the volume of queries. It continues to process the requests it receives, and websites continue to serve the pages internet users request.

This operation is also totally transparent for your web application users or website visitors. Their customer experience is just as expected, their trust is maintained, and your business is not in danger.

Net4All’s anti-DDoS solution mitigates DDoS attacks of up to 100 GB/s. In 2017, a Neustar report stated that 45% of DDoS attacks listed exceeded 10 GB/s, and only 15% exceeded 50 GB/s (1,000 managers surveyed worldwide). Our solution protects you against most DDoS attacks and gives you the time to prepare a response before traffic reaches the 100 GB/s limit!

Anti-DDoS protection for public cloud

Are you looking to move to a public cloud? Net4All creates your architecture and operates AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure (Microsoft) clouds for you. There are anti-DDoS solutions on these infrastructures too: AWS Shield for AWS, and Protection DDoS on Azure.

These two providers offer similar anti-DDoS solutions. In both cases, you are protected against the most basic attacks that can target your network by a solution activated by default over the entire cloud. If you want a more comprehensive, customised protection, both providers offer more advanced versions of their solutions to secure the equipment that make up your architecture.

Our AWS- and Azure-certified teams of experts can help you set up these solutions and protect your cloud architectures more generally.

When should you implement an anti-DDoS solution?

DDoS attacks are recurrent in the modern computing world. They can happen to anyone from anywhere, at any time, using a variety of vectors. So, the question is not “when to implement an anti-DDoS solution”, since it must be in place continuously, but “do you already have one to protect your environments?”! If this is not the case, we advise you to make up for this as soon as possible.

Web security: a more comprehensive solution with CerberHost

Our DDoS solution is also included by default in our high-security hosting solution CerberHost. This computing solution is a set of technical, human, and organisational protections that work together to give you maximum security.

With CerberHost, your web environment is protected against the most common computer attacks, including DDoS attacks! Its application firewall adjusts to fit your project and effectively respond to the risks that your business faces without disturbing your production operations.

CerberHost is available on the Swiss private cloud Cloud4All as well as on the AWS public cloud. Do you want to find out more or shield your web environments with CerberHost?