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Secure cloud: CerberHost

CerberHost’s secure cloud is the best response to deal securely with the majority, and particularly the most widespread, of web attacks. Two years of initial R & D combined with continuous improvement since 2013 and our expertise in cloud outsourcing and IT security allow us to guarantee 99.9% security of your computer data.

High-security web hosting

Recognised and challenged by 60 experts and 20,000 hackers, CerberHost is now the most secure solution in Switzerland. Its intelligent system can detect attacks in real time and automatically develop new computer security rules. CerberHost brings you the peace of mind and the efficiency your web application needs.

Bulletproof IT security

Cyberattacks are blocked, and your application code is preserved. Thanks to the CerberHost secure cloud, your customers can browse safely, securely, and with confidence.

Swiss and European laws require companies to put in place a rigorous framework to protect their computer data. With CerberHost, you will be in compliance with these legal security requirements.

With CerberHost, your website is always available and has the best performance, contributing to an image of reliability within your field. For example, a long-loading or heavy-traffic site will lose SEO rankings, which will harm your brand’s image.

Your website’s security is continuously monitored so that you can concentrate on the core of your business. You are guaranteed to have a completely secure website.

Whenever a new computer flaw is detected, it is generally urgent to patch it. CerberHost secure cloud protects your platforms 24/7, so you can avoid emergency actions. CerberHost will act as a buffer, protecting you while you implement the appropriate patch. Thus, you and your teams can take the time to study the best solution and schedule your updates according to your schedule.

Since 2013, our IT security experts have constantly monitored the IT security market to continuously adjust CerberHost in time to guarantee a maximum level of protection, no matter the issue (0day, new system flaw, etc.).

Their continuous improvement approach has proven itself since 2013, since to date no client with our high-security solution has been compromised.

CerberHost, la solution intelligente

years of experience in hosting

CerberHost is founded

2 years of R&D
Swiss quality: hosted in Geneva and led by our Swiss teams


What makes CerberHost innovative

IT data protection at all levels

During the 2 years of R&D that allowed CerberHost to emerge, our team of experts in computer security looked at each side of the barrier. By trying to penetrate systems, websites, and business applications, these cyber-security geniuses then implemented everything to bring a flawless solution to each of the vulnerabilities found.

That’s why CerberHost cloud is not just protection for your network or your applications, but total protection that includes various elements of defence at all levels, from server equipment to human processes!

CerberHost offers 360° protection for your website.

An effective fusion

More than just an application or software, CerberHost is an advanced computer data security solution bringing together many human and technological protections.

  • Mainly open source security tools (some customised, some not, and some created by us), such as NAXSI, PHP Malware Finder, ExecVE Killer, Fail2Ban, etc.
  • Clustering, anti-DDoS, query limit, core hardening (GRSec) solutions, etc.
  • The SecOps-type human process, dedicated SOC team, shell operation logging, security monitoring and continuous improvement, etc.

But CerberHost’s real strength lies not just in its large number of defence elements but how they are intertwined.

This particularity allows CerberHost to detect and block attacks on your web platforms in real time and offer you maximum protection against web attacks. All without hindering your site’s performance: thanks to its auto-learning module, the IT security solution adapts to your processes, your stakes, and the most significant risks to your activity for more effective bespoke security.

An inverted logic for better online performance

Most IT defence solutions operate using blacklists. What are they? The basic principle is to let through all queries except for those considered malicious. The system will query a sort of bank of “malicious signatures”. If no match is found, the query will be considered legitimate, and the system will not block it.

Most firewalls on the market work like this. It’s effective, but has a few drawbacks: many regular updates to ensure the most up-to-date “signature bank” possible, no protection against just-found vulnerabilities, etc.

CerberHost’s innovative strength lies in its whitelist-based operations. In other words, by default, no query gets through except for elements defined as necessary for the site to function.

When we implement CerberHost, we will ask for a list of features used in your application, for example:

  • uploading a Word or PDF file in the “hiring” section,
  • sending a contact form,
  • registering a customer account,
  • saving your users’ bank details,

No worries! If you don’t have the technical knowledge required for this, our teams will help you draft this list.

Also, since it is hard to be exhaustive, CerberHost includes an initial testing and auto-learning stage to detect false positives (queries blocked even though they are legitimate) to refine the list and make it exhaustive. Once this step is finished:

  • No restart is needed for updates,
  • Your architecture has optimum protection
  • Defences are customised and adapted to your applications

As you’ve seen, CerberHost works in the opposite way to most cyber defence systems for better web performance!

Where is CerberHost available?

Net4All is aware of the computer security stakes, even more so within Switzerland. This is why the company has chosen to strengthen its web hosting and outsourcing offer in two ways: ISO 27001 certification since 2017 and the inclusion of the CerberHost solution for several years.

Included and deployed on our infrastructure in Geneva, CerberHost is an additional layer of protection that the Net4All teams offer you in their private cloud hosting offer: Cloud4All.

With its recent partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Net4All is also proud to offer its customers CerberHost on this public cloud.