ISO 27001 certification

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ISO 27001 certification

Data theft, penetrations, industrial espionage, phishing, malicious code, etc. Many threats are aimed at the security of your information. Without IT safeguards, businesses are vulnerable, and the trust of their customers & partners can be damaged.

Adopting good computer hygiene is vital to protecting your security. Therefore, Net4All has implemented ISO 27001 certification, and we offer our clients secure, certified infrastructures.

Humans: the protectors of your digital data

We do not all have the same practices when it comes to managing a company’s Information System, because we do not all have the same involvement, we are not all equally responsible, or the risks may not be recognised, etc… That’s why we have implemented ISO 27001 certification.

Locking your front door when leaving the house and making sure you pay for your meal before you leave the restaurant are both best practices that everyone applies to protect their belongings, not harm others around them, protect themselves from danger, etc.

You should see the sustainability of your IS in the same way.

The ISO 27001 standard has been specifically designed to support businesses in this approach. It allows you to harmonise procedures and offer a reference shared by all of a project’s participants, bringing more reliability to the company, to its assets, to its customers, and to its workers.

Find out about the ISO 27001 standard

Implemented in 2005 and modified in 2013, the ISO 27 001 standard is the best-known standard of the ISO 27000 family of standards. It is intended for a variety of organisations (NGOs, administrations, and businesses).

It structures and gives a shared base to all a project’s participants by giving a precise description of requirements related to an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

By listing all the security measures in a defined scope, an ISMS protects a business’s intangible assets. Faced with the proliferation of data, procedures, and companies’ increasing reliance on their assets, the ISMS protects your system’s functions and information against loss, theft, and alteration and prevents any digital penetration or disaster.

The main goal is to sustain your business and build trust in your ecosystem (clients, suppliers, partners).

Net4All’s ISO 27001 certification

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Why Net4All obtained ISO 27001 certification

Net4All has always wanted to have a strong security approach. Since Switzerland has an ecosystem with a strong awareness of security concepts (unlike other European countries), it was important for Net4All to provide “security” in a wide sense in its service and operational adjustments.

That’s why, in the first quarter of 2017, Net4All integrated the high-security solution CerberHost to protect the online hosting environments we offer our clients. And in the same vein, Net4All obtained ISO 27001 certification for all of these infrastructures during the summer of 2017.

The scope of certification:

Net4All has been a member of OT Group for a few years, which also includes Oceanet Technology and NBS System. As part of its certification, Oceanet Technology was able to include the Group in its procedures by expanding its own scope to Net4All and NBS System.

Oceanet Technology’s ISMS (which applies to the other two units and, therefore, to Net4All) covers providing clients with a Secure Infrastructure for Hosting Sensitive Data.

Net4All was thus able to certify its two data centers (DC Safe Host – Geneva and DC IBM Gigaplex – Geneva) as well as all our management, backup and digital data processing protocol that travels through our production site and our customer support.

Since June 2017, we have been able to welcome and serve clients with ISO 27001 standard needs.

Our everyday work

At the core of respecting the ISO 27001 standard is the Security Insurance Plan. The Security Insurance Plan is a document that binds the hosting and managed services provider to the client, who entrusts them with their application architecture.

Its goals are as follows:

  • Establish a common reference for all members of the project team concerning working methods.
  • Ensure the security of the project’s services provided throughout the contract.
  • Identify all a project’s real participants.
  • Set the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the project, its members, and any service providers.
  • Specify all means possible to respond to technical and computer security requirements.
  • Ensure that the project’s works is coherent.
  • Set the procedures to follow, the tools to use, the standards to be respected, the product development methods and expected controls for each activity.

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