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Long considered a non-priority in companies’ digital transformation, IT security is now vital. As cyber-attacks become increasingly frequent and innovative, company websites and Information Systems are increasingly vulnerable. A company that is the victim of cyber-criminals will see its business and sustainability put at risk not to mention the impact on the company’s credibility and the confidence of its customers and partners.

Are you looking for information concerning Information System security or ISS? Our IT security experts offer tailored services and advice on how to secure your architecture so you can focus on the heart of your business with complete peace of mind.


IT security is used to protect your Information System through the implementation of an IT security policy. This policy is used to address the main risks in the context of your business (cyberattacks, human errors, technical incidents, etc.).

Today’s companies must anticipate the IT threats that weigh on their IS to guarantee their business’s security, their reputation and their IT resources. IT security is a real strategic issue in this new “all digital” era where every IT security flaw can be exploited by hackers and where a simple human error can have dramatic consequences.

The challenges of IT security: why resort to it?

Until a few years ago, when a company decided to assess the threats in its environment, cyber-attacks were only rarely mentioned. Today, with the massive arrival of the cloud, connected objects and big data, companies are increasingly exposed to IT risks whether through targeted organised or opportunistic cyber-attacks or internal human errors. All companies are concerned, from SMEs and major international groups to start-ups. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of cyber-attacks in companies rose by 68%, bearing in mind that in Europe it takes 469 days on average to detect the infection of an information system.


Are you concerned about the IT risks that weigh on your company’s business and growth? You are not alone! 61% of directors worry about the consequences of cyber-threats on their company’s development. Currently, a cyber-attack can be carried out by anyone who has a computer, an Internet connection and basic computer skills…or a small budget. Therefore, it is essential to keep abreast of the new developments in IT security and the latest techniques used by cyber-criminals to ensure your data and Information System’s security.

52% of companies use the cloud to store their data, and 68% of them consider that the issues surrounding the security of outsourced data are a priority. Have you already outsourced your data to the cloud? Be aware that the way you choose to manage, collect and store your data has a significant impact on the operational and organisational aspects of your business. This is a real opportunity for your company to combine organisational optimisation and IT security for your data.

Are you an entrepreneur with a business creation project who wants to learn more about IT data security before you start? Be aware that in the long run, it is simpler and cheaper to directly implement a recent, secure system that is in line with current IT risks than it is to settle for the bare minimum and invest later. Not to mention the exploitable flaws open to cyber-criminals if you do not plan a secure IS from the outset.

Finally, remember to account for the human factor which is often underestimated and can be potentially devastating in the event of errors. Note that 35% of IT-related security incidents that occur in companies are caused by the carelessness of one person. Human error is not inevitable. You can train your company’s staff in IT data security to minimise the risks.

How can you deal with cyber-attacks?

You operate in a hyperconnected professional environment where all the information in your possession is crucial but where this also allows cyber-criminals to exploit the flaws in your IS. How can you maintain control over information while protecting yourself against cyber-attacks and without affecting your overall strategy and the success of your business?

For this purpose, analyse the risks that weigh on your business and create an IT security policy accordingly to address these risks. This policy must include regularly updating the technologies and software you use and complying with security best practices in terms of development and configuration (such as access restriction, for example). We also recommend a backup plan for your critical data so that you are able to resume your business quickly in the event of an attack.

You can conduct an IT audit to test your IS and identify the various flaws that can be exploited. Do not hesitate to use various penetration tests, whether internal or external to check your security policy’s effectiveness, measure the resistance of your IS under real conditions and adapt your system, your processes and your organisation accordingly.

Web security: deploying your strategy at the right time

Always remember that cyber-criminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit your IT vulnerabilities. For this reason, IT audits and penetration tests should not just be performed once but several times a year to make sure that your system remains protected against IT threats. If you decide to develop your IS further in any way whatsoever, you must understand that this involves a risk that must be anticipated to make sure it is secure.

Of course, your information system security policy is never on holiday: it only takes one moment of weakness for a cyber-attack to succeed. Therefore, keep your system secure under operational and running conditions at all times.

IS security: an obligation for businesses

At Net4All, our IT security experts provide services to meet the security needs of your IS. Do you want to carry out an IT audit or internal or external penetration tests to identify your Information System’s weaknesses and find solutions to address them? Have you been compromised, and do you want to perform a post-penetration analysis?

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