Backing up digital data

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Backing up digital data

In an ultra-connected, digital world, all businesses gather a consequential amount of personal data. Backing up digital data on material (hard drives) and digital (cloud) media has become a vital condition of digital data security.
Each second, more than 29,000 gigabytes of data is produced on the Internet alone. Whether you are storing customer details, media content, or answers to an online form, crucial information is produced that could disappear forever in case of an incident.
The entry into force of the GDPR in the European Union has brought the importance of their data to the attention of many businesses. However, brands must take the question of data backups just as seriously. Indeed, a loss of sensitive data due to a storage incident, a natural disaster, or data theft can have disastrous consequences on your image and interrupt your business. At Net4All, we help you implement data backup and restoration services.

What is a data backup?

A data backup is a copy of an information system’s data stored in a safe environment, be it physical or virtual. If there is a loss of data, it allows you to recover this information that is vital for your business to function.

Backing up your digital data is essential for your brand. Your data is at the mercy of a whole host of risks that can put it in danger. These risks are human (loss or theft of a device, attack by hackers, mishandling, etc.), environmental (fires or floods affecting the equipment) or material (unexpected failure of a server or hard drive).

The risks involved if you are unable to recover missing computer data can be very detrimental to your business activity. A data backup tailored to your needs will help you protect your brand image. That’s why Net4All has implemented solutions to help you avoid sensitive information loss.

Expertise of Net4All

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Net4All’s data backup solutions

Your business needs its data to work at its best. That’s why Net4All has developed two externalised data backup solutions that combine simplicity and scalability. Our highly secure data centres in Switzerland host your data and make it available at all times: no more data loss. Furthermore, you can efficiently manage and track your backup strategy.

Both our backup data solutions include:

  • Encryption of backups and data stored for maximum data security
  • Backups stored in ISO 27001-certified data centers
  • Regular incremental backups that save the changes made to a previous backup. We recommend daily backups.
  • Less regular complete backups whose goal is to complement the incremental partial backups. The frequency of complete backups will vary depending on the quantity, the importance, and the criticality of your data, but we recommend performing these backups on a monthly basis.

Our standard offer

Our standard offer is a dedicated backup solution for our clients hosted on our private cloud, Cloud4All. We help you identify your priorities and put in place the appropriate configurations. Our backups are done in “blocks”, meaning that, when data is restored, this method restores an entire drive or file in particular.

Generally, backups are performed

  • daily
  • with a total replication on our IBM data center
  • and kept for 14 days.

These elements can be modified according to your needs, of course.

Our turnkey offer

For companies who want more flexibility in managing their backup or who are not hosted by Net4all, we offer a turnkey computer backup system through our partner via Acronis software. This way, you can manage your backup frequency, duration of storage, etc. yourself.

However, there are a few differences with the “Classic” offer: your data will be stored on our Safehost data center, and the backups will be in a “queue”. In other words, you will be able to restore the lost folder or file, and not necessarily all of the data stored.

IT recovery and continuity plans

If you accidentally lose some or all of your data, backups are just a first step. You must have first drafted an IT recovery and continuity plan to carry out your data restoration properly.

The PRA offer from NET4All is based on an “Active/Active” method. We use system mechanisms that replicate your data in real time. These methods are totally technology-agnostic and adapt to all applications, languages, and devices.

However, you should also make sure that your employees, service providers, and subcontractors are aware of this plan. This will avoid your users feeling powerless should there be a loss of digital data.

Why you should choose Net4All for your data backups

As you have seen, data backups are not limited to just creating a “backup”. It includes a long logistics chain from copying to restoring your data via secure storage. Our IT experts can help you make a success of your data hosting and security projects.

By working with Net4All to backup and secure your data, you will be choosing a security solution that has proven itself with our many clients over our 17 years of experience. Our expertise in the field of IT security allows us to respond to a variety of risk cases. It is in our DNA to help you throughout your entire data backup and retention policy.

By trusting us, your data will be hosted on machines that we monitor and administer in our Swiss datacenters that have proven themselves against cyberattacks.

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