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Is your site the victim of information theft, identity theft, industrial espionage or denial of service attacks? Discover our IT security services. It is a fact that the security of companies’ IT data is threatened by numerous risks. Being well prepared is often sufficient to avoid these risks: when hackers see that the site is well protected, they will seek a more easily exploitable target. However, few companies regularly test the security of their information system.


An IT security test, such as a code audit or an internal penetration or external penetration test, for example, enables you to identify the vulnerabilities of your sites or information systems (ISs) before hackers are able to exploit them. Our IT security experts probe your platforms, investigate their flaws and make recommendations accordingly, in order to efficiently protect your data and your network.

Our IT security consultants have the technical experience required to guarantee your security. Several types of IT security services are possible, depending on the risks that weigh on your business and according to your needs.

Read about them in more detail below, or feel free to contact our sales department, in order to choose the test best suited to your situation!



New vulnerabilities are being discovered every day, as well as new ways of exploiting them. All technologies can be affected and therefore no company is immune to having to quickly update its environments in order to apply a corrective measure… It is therefore important to keep up with the latest developments in IT security and also to regularly test your website’s level of protection, in order to make sure you have not missed anything. The hackers will certainly not hesitate to do this!

Finally, the internal IT risk must be taken into account. Often overlooked by companies, it is nevertheless the cause of a large proportion of web attacks. There are three types of internal threat:

  • Accidents, such as opening a phishing email. This is often due to a lack of in-house training in security practices.
  • Negligence, such as sharing a sensitive document via a non-professional tool. Careless employees are often unaware of the seriousness of their actions.
  • Malicious acts, which are less often considered, but which remain a threat. A hacker who has targeted your company may infiltrate your system, or an employee may seek to make you vulnerable for profit or simply for revenge.

These internal threats are hard to spot. Imagine that one of your employees has clicked on a link that has invisibly installed a back door on his/her computer. The hacker, who has not been spotted, moves through your network, settles in your Information System and remains present, while awaiting the opportunity to exploit your resources. You are then compromised without even being aware of it. This is why it is important to regularly perform IT security tests!

IT security tests also provide evidence of your compliance with Swiss and international standards, frameworks and certifications. They can be used as a marketing tool, demonstrating to your customers that you care about the security of their data and establishing a relationship of trust… and a higher turnover!

Thanks to these tests, you are aware of the risks that weigh on your business and can improve your risk management policy and your ISSP (Information Systems Security Policy)!



Security services are an essential part of the construction of a web or IS project. Before the deployment of a platform, especially one which is to be published online, it is vital to test its resistance to cyber-attacks.

This enables you to virtually eliminate the risks to your data, by operating a secure site or information system from its design onwards. In this way, you protect your IS against side effects that could occur after deployment.


Net4All also recommends that you have security tests performed on your environments during migration operations, major technology version upgrades or large-scale changes to your application or source code. This is because these projects could have a significant impact on your IT security. Even if you are proactive and take this subject into account throughout the life of your IT projects, an oversight or the discovery of a new bug or a new flaw is always a possibility. This will also bring you peace of mind, keep you safe in the knowledge that your site or information system is as secure as possible… until the next vulnerability crops up!


It is also strongly recommended that IT security tests be performed at regular intervals, even if your application or IS has not recently undergone major changes. Unless you have a dedicated in-house team to carry out proactive monitoring, it is important not to overlook the fact that numerous flaws are discovered every day within existing programmes, frameworks and CMSs. Many customers are in the habit of testing their environments at least every two or three years, in order to guard against a more significant potential loss in the event of compromise. This is an excellent practice.

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