Case Study – IBO



Secure web hosting with CerberHost, a major issue for Swiss company IBO!

IBO is a company headquartered in Morges with offices in Zurich and Schaan (Liechtenstein). Since 2005, the company has been offering unique platforms, comprised of actual data, with which its portfolios can be effectively compared and monitored.

IBO a fait le choix de collaborer avec Net4All depuis début 2017, en migrant directement sous la solution de cloud sécurisé CerberHost. En effet, leur contact direct avec le secteur bancaire nécessitait un environnement hautement sécurisé afin d’être fiables auprès de leurs partenaires et clients.

IBO’s Florian Marguier, who responded to our questions, chose CerberHost: Mr Marguier joined IBO in 2015 as Head of the IT Department; he is responsible for managing the company’s various projects. Previously, Florian worked for 10 years on various projects related to development of websites and Internet applications, as a developer and production manager.

Would you begin by telling us a little about IBO, as well as what your position entails?

In 2005, IBO created a wealth management supervision service. Performance Watcher is the tool that was developed to deliver on this promise. It is “simply” a platform, where private and professional investors share anonymous information concerning their portfolios, in order to assess and monitor performance and risk on a daily basis. Consequently, this tool operates on participative logic and peer comparison.

In particular, my job as Head of IT covers the development and operational sustainability of the system. Exciting tasks in a world of exponential growth!

Why did you choose to work together with Net4All?

Last April (2017), we initiated the search for a new hosting provider: IBO’s shareholders and I decided to shortlist 4-5 providers in the region.

We were convinced by the geographic proximity of Net4All, their seriousness, and by our meeting with Anthony Gérard (editor’s note, CEO Net4All), with whom we felt comfortable. Also, Net4All’s references in the banking sector gave us the assurance that their teams already had experience in this market (particularly with respect to bank certifications and documentation).

What was the biggest challenge to overcome?

The first challenge was the speed at which the migration had to take place, as our system was getting slower and slower at our previous provider’s hosting operation.

Then, we had to anticipate, to the maximum extent, each step of the migration and manage the transition with the banks, in order to minimize the impact on their day-to-day activities. We had to skilfully juggle our old servers and our new servers.

The moment the migration ended, we went through a 3-month transition period that required implementation of workarounds, but this had been well-planned and anticipated. The upstream installation work with our technical expert at Net4All (editor’s note, Kevin, Head of Linux and Net4All Infrastructures), as well as all the tests and configurations, enabled us to avoid any unpleasant surprises during this migration, which ensured that everything went smoothly.

How would you assess your progress relative to your initial objectives?

The results are very satisfactory, since the primary objective was to have more efficient servers in order to improve their speed. In addition, we were able to update our application and our scripts in order to optimise processing times.

The secondary objectives were to have teams that are more responsive and to optimise incident management: Mission accomplished with Net4All!

When a bank sends us a request, our technical experts at Net4All immediately contact the bank with an established procedure that saves a lot of time. This was not the case with our previous provider. Now, once the incident ticket has been created, the person in charge knows exactly what procedure to follow and what actions to take. For our banking clients, the professionalism is in place; this means that the trust is in place as well!

Finally, Net4All’s security competence has also been an asset in reassuring our customers.