Case Study – Manpower Switzerland



A High Availability Recruitment Portal for Manpower Switzerland

Manpower Switzerland has more than fifty-five years of experience in the recruitment of permanent and temporary staff. With 60 branches in Switzerland, 20,000 temporary employees, 2,000 permanent placements and more than 5,000 clients, Manpower is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of innovative solutions for the labour market. This constantly evolving market requires continuous adaptation of the solutions offered to clients and candidates. In this context Mr Alexander Grasset, Senior Project Manager, spoke with us about the migration of his recruitment portal, implemented with Wide I Switzerland (CrossAgency) and Net4All for high availability.

N4A: Tell us about your project and your needs.

A.G: We implemented a new advertisement and application system in 2012; since then the number of online applications has grown steadily to more than 200,000 applications per year on our website Thus management of the site and its infrastructure needed to keep pace with this development. Since our architecture had reached the limits of its capacity, at the end of 2014 we launched a call for tenders for the management and technical hosting of our website. The main constraint of this project was to ensure a rapid and uninterrupted migration of services.

N4A : Qu’est-ce qui vous a fait choisir le binôme Wide I Switzerland (CrossAgency) / Net4All ?

A.G: It was the overall quality of the services offered by the two structures that led to our decision. Wide I and Net4All proposed a solid solution for us, in which the responsibilities were clearly defined between the partners. Their knowledge of the Swiss market, their responsiveness and their geographic proximity also worked in their favour.

N4A: What does this duo bring you?

A.G : Wide I Switzerland est notre interlocuteur principal pour la gestion de notre site web et pour le lien technique avec Net4All ce qui nous facilite notre gestion opérationnelle. Net4All traduit nos besoins techniques en termes de dimensionnement de la solution Cloud et gère son évolution selon nos besoins. Cette flexibilité nous permet d’améliorer continuellement notre site web et nos services.