Case Study – Michel Reybier Hospitality

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Michel Reybier Hospitality is a group of 5* luxury hotels with an international presence.

The Net4All team is proud to have supported IT Manager Matthias Olivier throughout the migration project of 300 email accounts to Office 365.

The Project

  • Microsoft / Office 365 Migration
  • 300 email accounts
  • Seamless deployment
  • Hybridisation
  • Backup in Switzerland

Interview with Matthias Olivier, IT Manager

What needs, for what challenges?

En hôtellerie, 50 % des demandes de réservation sont reçues par email. La disponibilité et l’efficacité de la messagerie sont donc des enjeux critiques ! Dû au manque de temps en interne, il était indispensable d’être accompagnés sur ce premier projet de migration dans le Cloud public.

The desire to perfect the collaboration within Michel Reybier Hospitality was also a factor in the decision to focus on the entire O365 ecosystem, in order to benefit from tools, such as Teams, SharePoint, or Yammer.

Finally, Net4all has implemented an additional backup system in its own data centres in Switzerland, due to the sensitive information contained in some inboxes.

Choice of partner

Durant six années, la collaboration avec Net4All en Cloud Privé fut satisfaisante et efficace, il était donc évident de poursuivre avec le même partenaire pour ce projet de migration.

Upstream, Net4All played an advisory role in the choice of architecture and implementation of Office 365.

“Objective achieved! We now have at our disposal a state-of-the art cloud technology, with simpler evolutionary possibilities and, above all, more collaborative tools”.

Deployment without impact on the employees

Since we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, this migration project to O365 was based on an important challenge: To carry out the migration without any impact or interruption of service, both for hotel guests and for Michel Reybier Hospitality staff. The Net4All teams were able to propose the appropriate migration method that met all the requirements.

Thus, one of the solutions suggested by Net4All was to draw up a deployment schedule according to the agendas of each establishment. In addition, hotel-by-hotel migration was made possible thanks to a hybridisation of environments, which enabled O365 to coexist with the existing messaging system. Likewise, mass deployment of the Office pack on 300 computers promised to be a longer step, particularly since the existing installations were not uniform. Consequently, to save time, Net4All automated the entire migration.

The result was a success that did not cause any impact whatsoever for the users: As a matter of fact, the O365 pack’s communication tools were easily integrated by Michel Reybier Hospitality’s employees, and could be used without difficulty. Only the server changed, so the messaging part is completely invisible for the employees.

In 2 words, efficiency and responsiveness! Preparation, synchronisation and good communication were the keys to the success of this project.

Project assessment

  • A high availability messaging service
  • An agile infrastructure that can evolve easily
  • Greater autonomy and ease of management
  • User impact mastered
  • Access to a catalogue of complementary Microsoft solutions
  • A single point of contact at Net4All