A 100% secure outsourcing with Net4All.

Located in Bussigny-près-Lausanne, SB SWISSBUSINESS is an asset management company that specialises in the creation and monitoring of companies. While accounting and taxation hold no secrets for this team, the same cannot be said for the IT infrastructure. Recently, they have chosen to outsource management of the IT infrastructure to Net4All. Interview with Philippe Paoly, Founder and Managing Director.

Net4All: What was the issue when you turned to Net4All?

Philippe Paoly: Until a few months ago, we managed our IT system ourselves via a server hosted internally. This situation was becoming difficult to manage, as it was quite cumbersome, especially when it came to updating software. So we started looking for a service provider in order to outsource this service.

Net4All: What were your selection criteria for this provider?

P.P.: For reasons of data security and compliance with Swiss law, we wanted this hosting provider to be located in Switzerland. This proximity offers us a major advantage: it allows us to be in direct contact with our partner, to meet with them easily.

Net4All: What exactly did you entrust to Net4All?

P.P.: Our entire records management system is now hosted in the Net4All data centre. The messaging system will also be there very soon. Our first challenge is to be able to access our server remotely, from anywhere in Switzerland or elsewhere. The Secure Remote solution we have chosen allows for this via a monthly per-user subscription.

Net4All: What did you gain by outsourcing your IT infrastructure?

P.P.: First of all, we have increased our productivity, since by delegating IT management to Net4All, we can now devote more time to our customers. And because we work faster, our customers also benefit. In addition, we no longer have to worry about updating software or archiving our files, our partner takes care of all this. Finally, it costs us less to outsource than it does to manage internally.

Net4All: Are you satisfied with your choice of Net4All?

P.P.: Completely. Our new infrastructure has been operational for a few months now and everything is running smoothly. While a few adjustments were necessary, these were all completed in just a few hours. The relationship with Net4All is very simple, it’s a real asset.