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High Availability required for Compagnie Générale de Navigation

Since 1873, the CGN (Compagnie Générale de Navigation) has been at the helm of a fleet of ferries and cruise ships on Lake Geneva. With more than 2 million passengers transported each year, it is inevitable that some will face service cuts or malfunctions. The same goes for their new online store, which they chose to be hosted in High Availability by Net4All. Michael Gaberthuel, CGN’s Director of Finance & IT, tells us more.

Net4All: Tell us about the new CGN website…

Michael Gaberthuel: Our main objective with this new website was to offer our users an online sales service. For this new configuration, we needed a solid infrastructure capable of guaranteeing maximum availability during the summer traffic peaks.

Net4All: After a few months of operation, can you give us a preliminary assessment?

M. G.: Since it went online last March, we have been completely satisfied: no issues like low speed or overloading, especially during the critical summer period. From April 1 to November 30, we counted 730’000 visitors, 9% more than over the same period in 2012. And the turnover generated – CHF 300’000 – exceeds our estimates.

Net4All: From a more technical point of view, why did you use Net4All?

M. G.: Net4All, whom we had already entrusted several IT projects in the past, was recommended to us by our new website developer. Their team met our criteria in terms of size and expertise. Together, we set up 2 servers running in parallel to be able to switch from one to the other in the event of a problem and thus ensure continuous operation of our online ticketing service. This is our priority because CGN’s image from its clients’ perspective is at stake.

Net4All: So the performance is there?

M. G.: Absolutely. The new website meets our expectations in every respect. We are currently making some adjustments, anticipating an increasing traffic in the future.

High availability remains our keyword!

CGN website : Compagnie Générale de Navigation