CITI Software Client Case Study



A winning develoment for a software company

A longtime client of Net4All, Citi Software edits and develops a seasonal rental management solution. Last October, their servers switched to Cloud4All mode. Interview with Christian Salamin, the company’s managing director and founder.

Net4All: Tell us about your business…

C.S. : I created Citi Software in 2007 in order to take up and update software that had existed since 2003. Currently, we are a company of five, based in Martigny. We manage our rental management application as well as our online booking system Rentalp.

Net4All: What made you choose Net4All as your hosting partner?

C.S. : Since the beginning, we had a very sincere relationship with Net4All and my technicians appreciate the quality feedback with their technicians. In my opinion, this is an essential asset because, if you don’t have technical confidence, you have nothing. To this day, we have been perfectly satisfied with your services and your contact representative. It was therefore quite natural that we asked them to accompany us in our evolution towards the Cloud.

Net4All: Why did you choose the Cloud?

C.S. : I admit that, in the beginning, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to invest in a new solution… Then we placed our bet on scalability: it costs us a bit more today, but we are going to benefit from it in the long term. Thanks to the Cloud, if we need to increase our IT resources tomorrow, we will be able to do so in a few hours, without changing servers.

Net4All: How did the migration of your servers go?

C.S. : After almost three months of well-orchestrated preparations between Net4All and our team, we migrated our servers, with no impact to our business, since the shutdown was scheduled during the night and lasted only a few hours. I appreciated this efficient and secure migration strategy, just like all the services we have entrusted to Net4All (messaging, backup, etc.) and which have completely satisfied us so far.

CITI Software website: IT solutions for tourism and real estate