Client case: Kinntek Sàrl



About Kinntek

Kinntek SARL, founded in 2015, designs digital solutions for orthopaedic, trauma and neuro rehabilitation care providers whose patients suffer from disorders affecting the mobility of their musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and joints). The primary objective is to simplify the daily work of care providers who can spend up to 70% of their time on administrative tasks.

The Project

The Kinntek platform aims to facilitate information acquisition and sharing between various actors (healthcare providers together, as well as with their patients). The envisioned solution would create a dynamic community where each actor is a winner. Indeed, observing, analysing and improving the efficiency of the processes in place for the customers are the main objectives of the Kinntek project.

The company uses the skills of specialised companies that already possess solid experience, such as Concepto, for application development and Net4All for server hosting.

« We can rely on our partners with whom we have been working for several years now. In addition, Concepto and Net4All have consistently enjoyed an excellent reputation among professionals in the region. »


At the development verification and validation stage of the project, the task consisted in conducting a cybersecurity audit of the platform. The main objective was to identify possible security flaws in the platform, and to implement a risk mitigation plan.

« Ergonomics, security and data protection are the main assets of the Kinntek platform. Thus we wanted to validate the cybersecurity aspect of our solution and guarantee our future customers a high level of security. »


Services Provided by Net4All

Support and security expertise

From the very beginning, this project was characterised by efficiency, responsiveness and team spirit. After first introducing the different actors from the project, Kinntek explained the functioning of the platform and the audit objectives. Any critical flaws detected were immediately communicated to Concepto, which was able to quickly correct them. Thanks to the report submitted at the end of the audit, Concepto was able to make the necessary modifications to ensure that the platform was flawless. The following counter-audit made it possible to validate the high security of the platform.

A Collaboration and a Relationship Based on Trust

The audit of the platform by a company specialising in cybersecurity always leads to a certain apprehension and reconsideration. This was an essential phase of the project and it was only through true collaboration that a result that lived up to expectations was achieved.

Results and Outlook

The impact of the audit was very positive for Kinntek. The company gained experience and was strengthened by their choice of development partners. Concepto, in turn, was reassured about its application development methods. Based on the points raised during the audit, they were able to make corrections and thus significantly strengthen the security of the solution.

Security audits are planned on a regular basis in order to comply with industry standards. Kinntek wants to provide a solution that meets customer requirements: increased security and high availability of the platform. As a result, Kinntek is pleased to continue this excellent collaboration.

« Everyone’s experience has been expanded, the team spirit has been strengthened, and we highly recommend this approach. »


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