Client Case: La Croix-Rouge Vaudoise

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La Croix-Rouge Vaudoise is an association promoting health, family, training, social sphere and voluntary work. It provides support to the citizens of the Canton through its services. From the past 8 years, Net4All has been working with this association in the field of IS outsourcing and backup management.

Interview with Ivan Spring, Information Correspondent for La Croix Rouge

What is required and for which issues?

Originally, the need for hosting and outsourcing in a datacenter was motivated by the availability of machines as well as backup problems. These two problems inherent in the activity of La Croix-Rouge Vaudoise made this outsourcing and hosting critical to maintain our operations. It was therefore not imperative to access it remotely. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic it proved to be life-saving. Without telecommuting, La Croix-Rouge Vaudoise would have been unable to operate. This is unthinkable for the employees and the 16’000 members of the association.

Fortunately, this infrastructure already existed, “if you have in-house employees who are already using a remote desktop solution, you know you can send them home without disrupting their digital work environment,” says Spring.

As a result, almost all employees were able to continue working without any problems, with the exception of the installation of some telecommuting equipments. Indeed, it turned out that some people’s private equipment was sometimes out of date, with fairly old computers, or with limited home wifi capacity.

Project assessment

The overall satisfaction with this project was very high. All employees were able to start telecommuting without any technical incidents. The only problem encountered was their personal equipment.

This is why it is essential to check employees’ personal equipment before starting to work from home.

In this case, it was possible to replicate the office pattern for the employees at home without changing their habits. In terms of messaging, CRM, office tools or shared documents, “this is a very good thing,” adds Ivan Spring.

Thanks to the regular contacts with Net4All teams, the work done upstream and the monitoring over the last few years were good. So there was no particular need for an increase in server resources, processors, or disk volume… “I’ve only had a few calls for troubleshooting, and that’s what we’re looking for, a non-disruptive environment for the staff. And that’s when you know it worked,” explains Ivan Spring.

« I am pleased with this very positive result, and I congratulate the VRC management for choosing this option. »

Ivan Spring

What’s next?

As part of the ongoing work between La Croix-Rouge Vaudoise and Net4All, an accounting database upgrade project will be carried out at the same time as an OS upgrade. In a slightly more distant future, CRM will also evolve. “What is certain is that we wish to continue this collaboration with Net4All,” concludes Ivan Spring.