IP Label – Net4All: A Triple-Win Partnership



Following a constructive collaboration with a mutual client, Net4All and ip-label wanted to take it one step further. In 2014, a partnership was born between the Swiss web hosting company and the French publisher specialising in the monitoring of web applications, business applications and user experiences. We had a discussion with David Wais, head of indirect sales at ip-label.

Net4All: What does Switzerland mean to the ip-label?

D.W. : It is a privileged zone in which we wish to expand. In Switzerland as elsewhere – and perhaps even more than elsewhere – companies need to measure the availability and performance of their Internet applications. The fields of luxury goods, banking and insurance are particularly demanding in this area.

To establish our technical presence in French-speaking Switzerland, we needed a quality partner to host our Internet infrastructure. We found it at Net4All.

Net4All: How did Net4All stand out?

D.W. : When one of our Swiss customers – who asked us to raise the monitoring level of their e-commerce application – selected Net4All’s hosting services, it caught our attention, since we were in the process of looking for a hosting provider in Switzerland. Their datacentre met our requirements. For its part, Net4All wanted to be able to provide its customers with performance indicators. So it was only natural for us to turn to each other. We are committed to a win-win partnership between ip-label (which is developing in Switzerland), Net4All (which is expanding its services) and our customers (who are gaining increased transparency).

Net4All: How did the first months of partnership go?

D.W. : Very well. Our first mutual customer is satisfied with our services and the formula is being expanded for use with other customers. At Net4All, we appreciate the technical and sales teams’ capacity for dialogue. Despite the very high level of IS automation, they have managed to find the right balance between human relations and technical performance.