Magento Migration: it’s urgent!



After 12 years of good and loyal service, Magento is ending the support for its first version. Far from shutting the door, the software publisher wishes to invite its users to migrate to its second version: Magento 2.

This migration needs to be carried out before June 1st, 2020, the date on which security updates will cease. For this reason, it is crucial to migrate as quickly as possible in order to avoid a number of risks such as:

  • Compromised servers
  • Security vulnerabilities/intrusions
  • Deterioration of performance
  • Lapsed extensions and incompatibility
  • Global obsolescence
  • Misappropriation of customer payment data

Magento 1 will sooner or later undoubtedly lose its PCI-DSS certification. It will thus no longer be possible to work with some third-parties in the payment solution, which is unthinkable for an e-commerce site.

A migration to be carried out as soon as possible!

While the date of June 1st may seems far away, it does in fact take six months on average to implement the entire migration.

Many elements of your site are actually not instantly exportable. As the first and second versions are different, significant modifications and schedules need to be taken into consideration.

Developers will need to create or purchase new themes on the marketplace. Although it is by no means the most time-consuming stage of the work, you should still allow some time for integration, so that it suits you. Also, your old extensions will no longer work in Magento 2. It is therefore essential that you recreate all of them, or you get similar ones.

It takes some effort, yet it can ultimately be reassuring.

Implementing this migration to Magento 2 is an important project. It does, however, have a greater range of functionalities than its forerunner.

Magento has made it a point of honour to provide users with significant improvements. The new version is more powerful and more intuitive, with an increased level of security, yet also:

  • Greater modularity for developers, with easier and more flexible upgrades.
  • Advanced automation tools for unit tests, functional, JavaScript, API and performance integration testing.
  • And finally, this second version offers to switch to a Headless architecture, facilitating interconnections while simultaneously reinforcing isolation and integrity.

Clearly, this new version will enable you to increase the performance of your site while ostensibly improving security. Ultimately, it will allow you to increase the satisfaction of your users, and to increase your functional benefits.

However, if you are not able to migrate to Magento 2 in the coming months, Net4ALL will support you in securing your platform as much as possible. This will enable you to reduce its vulnerability and maintain its performance while you prepare the upgrade to the new version.

More Security Thanks To the Secure Cloud

With 20 years’ experience, our Net4All experts are able to help you secure your Magento platforms. Our teams can demonstrate solid track records in the requirements of web architecture, in both the B2B and B2C fields.

We have a large range of solutions available through our secure cloud. Our services and infrastructure are ISO27001-certified and our Cerberhost hosting solution provides scalable and adaptive protection against various threats and top OWASP.

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