Quick Guide to Sales: the To-Do List for Optimum Preparation



Sales, Black Fridays, and holidays are pivotal periods for e-commerce sites. While in-store management is important, online purchases are constantly increasing. In fact, Switzerland is experiencing annual double-digit growth in online shopping. Times are changing and so are consumer habits.

This makes ensuring the availability of your website a top priority.

What are Your Customers’ Consumption Patterns?

First of all, the availability and loading speed of your site is one of the most important criteria in your commercial strategy, and even more so during a sales period. Nearly 70% of Internet users abandon a site if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds, with an additional 10% per second. In addition, 44% will discuss their negative experience with others.

The technical performance of your site is not just limited to the loading time. For several years now, mobile shopping has been predominant. So think about making your site intuitive (UX) and responsive for being displayed on mobile devices and tablets.

Get to Know Your Website

Sales, or similar periods, lead to a big increase in traffic on your site. So the challenge is to maintain an optimum level of service throughout the entire period. By default, servers are configured to sustain a certain load of traffic. With this being far from a problem, the servers must be reconfigured to adapt to this period to avoid saturation or unavailability.

Pour ce faire, mettez en place un test de montée en charge pour prévoir le seuil nécessaire à votre bonne activité.

If needed, there are several ways to add resources to your sites. You can choose to have a Booster, allowing you to add CPU and/or RAM to your infrastructure without loss of performance.

The Extend To Cloud (ETC) service is also a good way to deal with seasonal increases in activity. These are “dormant” servers set up according to your needs and activated at your request. Once the peak has gone, the servers are disabled until the need arises.

Depending on your solution, the performance of your site will be affected, yet in the end it is the configuration where the impact is the greatest.

At the same time, a number of free tools allow you to enhance your site. Some even propose improvements at the application level. Remember to prepare them in advance in order to freeze them at the end of heavy traffic.

As a Net4All customer, you can also benefit from these solutions.

Anticipate your Communication

It is no secret that sales are ultra-competitive periods. It is therefore advisable to prepare your SEA beforehand to anticipate your presence with certain keywords and ensure a return on investment.

Internet users expect to quickly find such offers. You should thus highlight these products and design your site accordingly. At the same time, make sure to indicate their availability. It is therefore necessary to highlight them in order to avoid unavailability.

Finally, provide an option to put items in the shopping cart in advance. Customers will thus be able to go to the site and pay for their order immediately on the first day of the sale without having to repeat their search. At the same time, indicate estimated delivery times, as it can be important input in the purchase decision.

Clarify your Pricing Policy

Nothing is worse than lack of information. First of all, show the price both before and after discounts as well as its period of validity.

At the same time, do not modify the warranties and indicate whether or not you allow in-store exchanges.

Being prepared is not always enough, think about having someone to assist you with certain aspects of your site, and monitor sensitive points such as payment systems.

If you follow these tips and think about securing your site, as periods of high traffic are conducive to DDOS attacks, you will have all the tools in hand to sell many items. Also think about the right allocation of your resources by giving priority to Boosters and ETCs.

Would you need some support regarding the implementation of security solutions, or about resource allocation?