The complexity of adapting virtualisation infrastructure

In order to cope with the changes, both in terms of technology and the increase in the number of customers, Net4All had to initiate cumbersome projects in 2018 inn order to adapt its virtualisation infrastructure: VMware and Vcloud (self-service portal providing access to IAAS services).

Preliminary Analysis

The particular project concerned was aimed at implementing very significant technical upgrades. Due to the large number of components that make up the VMware infrastructure, a complete preliminary analysis was carried out to plan the upgrades of the various components. Simultaneously, the impact upon services was limited as much as possible. However, as the various different elements were very interdependent upon one another, the planning process required great care and attention to detail.

Target Architecture

The preliminary analysis brought to light a number of elements that relate to VMware’s recommended practices. These date back to the early days of the architecture and have become deprecated due to the emergence of recent revisions. It was therefore necessary to “design” a target infrastructure, taking into account these different elements so that the upgrades could take place without adversely impacting service capacity. Functional or performance capabilities. Migration procedures have also been set up to preserve the metadata recorded by the platform.

12-Month Planning Phase. Once the preparation steps had been completed, the work packages could be compiled and planned. In all, about twenty packages have been created. In order to observe validation times, all operations were planned over more than 12 months.


By following the established planning, the measures could be adopted. By adhering to the necessary advance notice, they could be carried out without any problems. Each measure thus gave rise to an RFC (Request for Change) for evaluating all the associated risks and fallback procedures.

Under Construction

In August 2019, the work was completed and the scheduled operations were carried out, without any impact on the service provided. All the hosted virtual machines could be moved during live operations, making it possible to avoid creating any downtime for the service. The impact upon our customers was minimal, with scheduled outages on the management platforms (Vcloud) for very short periods.

Adapt our Virtualisation Infrastructure: Enhanced service and better UX

Updates to Vcloud have resulted in a significant service improvement. In addition, the evolution of Vcloud has been subject to a number of development risks that have an impact upon the user experience. Nevertheless, this project has done away with many of the recurring problems faced by users.

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