Logo Net4All
Logo Net4All

All about Net4All

2000 – Net4All founded

by 4 engineers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

2002 – First datacenter is opens

in Genève at Safehost


2004 – Website creation business closed

to concentrate on our high-end hosting business

2004 – Launch of OXITO brand

to offer “entry-level” hosting


2008 – Secure Remote offer launched

our information system outsourcing offer

2013 – Second datacenter opens in Geneva

at our partner IBM


2016 – Net4All offers CerberHost to its clients

for greater application security

2016 – Net4All rides the cloud wave

and starts using AWS (Amazon Web Services)


2017 – Net4All continues to expand into the cloud

by working with Azure and Exoscale, a Swiss public cloud.



passionate employees

Bilingual technical support available 24/5


clients in Switzerland

Data Privacy: 100% under Swiss jurisdiction, Iso 27001-certified since 2017