Net4all: Cloud Architecture Audit

New tools, security, changing challenges: it is vital to ensure that the architecture of cloud platforms is always performing, and remains compliant with the expected standards and certifications.

An audit of a Cloud Architecture is therefore recommended to:

  • Ensure control of your platforms
  • Guarantee both financial and technical optimisation
  • Secure the availability of your environments and applications

Architecture Audit: our approach

We tailor our approach to your expectations and challenges! For example, would you like to:

  • Optimise costs and allocated resources?
  • Ensure that you are using the best practices?
  • Optimise your developers’ releases through a continuous integration and deployment approach?
  • Have an exact overview of your services?
  • Ensure the security and settings around the outsourcing of your Docker containers?
  • Have a scalable architecture to ensure a high level of availability during Black Friday or the launch of sales?

To reassure you, and to answer your questions and expectations, we begin our audit by reviewing your needs and challenges along with the format of the expected deliverables.

Our teams will organise a session with you in order to obtain the maximum amount of information on your application portfolio, architecture, usage of, and dependency on the various hosting services. Our experts move forward with the initial objective of the architectural audit in mind. Following this, recommendations will be proposed and prioritised according to your main challenges:

  • Productivity efficiency
  • Sensitivity
  • Set-up cost
  • Costs reduction
  • High availability
  • Compliance
  • Etc.

Finally, we will organise an audit debriefing exchange with your technical team in order to provide them with the final deliverables.

Are you interested in an architecture audit?