Supporting you on a daily basis

As a Secure Cloud Operator in Switzerland, we have been supporting our customers on a daily basis for almost 20 years to deliver a high level of service.

In order to best meet your challenges and needs, our teams provide you with a wide range of services. Our mission is to assist you in obtaining an optimal level of security for your data, while at the same time ensuring the availability of your platforms with the objective to increase your performance.

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As a result, we can offer you various solutions to suit your needs:


In order to benefit from the Cloud while reducing costs, we offer you FinOps resources, which include tools, best practices and rules to be put in place in order to control and optimise your Cloud expenses.


Public cloud, private cloud, serverless, security, elasticity, … so many criteria that can be combined to make a unique architecture. Our experts assist you in the design of an architecture according to your platform, your constraints and your needs.

DevOps :

Our teams offer you their expertise in 3 areas of expertise. First of all, we provide you with a production environment, pre-production, and shared tools for the entire team to ensure flawless organisation. As a second step, we provide your teams with project pilots according to the expected technology, in order to optimise their deliverables. Then finally, we add to your projects the concept of security, which is part of our DNA.


The security of your information system can be entrusted to our experts in order to receive bespoke solutions, and to ensure the protection of your infrastructure.

DevSecOps :

To best protect your business and your interests while accelerating your Time to Market, we offer the option of integrating a security expert into your DevOps teams.

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