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At Net4All, we do everything to ensure the optimisation and evolution of your information system’s performance. To best support you in your digital transformation, our teams offer tailored and agile solutions that accelerate the deployment and the implementation of containers.

Container Information Management

With an annual growth rate of 40%, the development of container technologies is steadily increasing. This is indirectly the result of the digital technology acceleration, as well as the IT modernisation. Containers are now an integral part of the Cloud computing industry, whose future is promising.

As a Secure Cloud Operator, Net4All’s mission is to upgrade your environments by promoting the outsourcing of the management of your containers. To do so, do not hesitate to call on our expert consultants.

The Container Advantages

On top of significant improvements in portability and scalability, containers offer a number of benefits:

  • Acceleration of the development cycle / go live
  • Standardisation of your software
  • Hardware efficiency
  • Automation

Choose the Right Container System

Net4All will suit to your environment by offering you a system of containers tailored to your needs. Our teams are therefore at your disposal to carry out security audits, and to review your IS.

To deploy your applications in a container, select CI/CD tools. With the help of container orchestration services such as Kubernetes, you can manage your containers on a massive scale.

Therefore, we offer our containerisation systems on different types of clouds: public (AWS, AZURE), private or hybrid. Our objective is to ensure a follow-up combining modernisation and acceleration of the deployment of your applications, without jeopardising your security standards.

Contact our experts for the implementation of your containerised environment and its orchestration.