Outsourcing: a Swiss Service Centre

The Importance of Service Availability:

Your data must be accessible, no doubt about that. It is vital that your data is accessible at all times.

We use monitoring tools to identify failures on the platforms, as quickly as possible, speeding up support in the event of unavailability.

The Importance of Performance:

Traffic peaks, new technologies, the growing importance of UX: performance plays a leading role in your challenges. Our experts and system administrators are aware of this, and consequently set up customised architectures to best respond. You can then monitor their performance through our indicators.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

As a Swiss Secure Cloud Operator, cybersecurity is part of our DNA. Ultra-secure hosting solution with our CerberHost offer, security audits, DevSecOps service, installation of patches by our support and on-call resources, etc., Net4All’s teams will assist you with the security of your outsourcing.

Net4All Outsourcing: a team at your side

Our service centre provides the full availability of services and infrastructure operation, using an ITIL approach:

  • Set-up of new system users (profile management, Active Directory management)
  • Modification of logs and analysis of operating system incidents
  • Operating security system updates
  • Recovery of the operating system and data following an incident
  • Recurring curative or test operations based on a list of critical items from the solution defined between Net4All and the client
  • Addition of printer drivers
  • Proactive maintenance of your infrastructure
  • Setting up patches or minor updates for your publishers (logged in our ticket management system in order to support teams in carrying out audits, or for continuous improvement initiatives).

24/7 Support with On-Call Services

E-commerce site, IS within a company that works 24/7, consumer applications, etc.: some clients face very aggressive availability commitment, at all times. That is the reason why, Net4All offers an on-call service to address these challenges. Thus, if necessary, one of our experts can assist you and answer your needs.

Would you like more information on our information management services? Do not hesitate to contact our Net4All experts!