Net4All, Secure Cloud Operator, recommends the best platform for your business environment. We listen to you, and we understand your needs. Our team will support you 24/7 with a high default security level in just the right environment.

Our Private Cloud

Our highly secure Swiss datacentres host your personal data, so you can access it at any time: no more data loss. You can also monitor and control your automatic backup strategy on a regular basis.

Public Clouds

AWS, Amazon Web Services

As in AWS technology experts, Net4All helps you transform your architectures and secure your data.

AZURE, Microsoft Cloud

Net4All recommends and supports its customers in their migration to the AZURE Cloud. Our mission is to maintain your platform

Exoscale, the European Cloud

As an Exoscale certified partner since 2017, Net4All teams lean on Exoscale’s capabilities to provide customised solutions to its clients.


With the shift to digital and IT modernisation in recent years, container technologies (now widely adopted in Cloud Computing) are booming, with 40% annual growth rate. As a Secure Cloud Operator, we are committed to agile and secure modernisation of your environments.

Containers also offer a number of advantages :

  • Flexibility
  • Fluidity
  • Increased portability

We also provide expertise for securing your containers

The Orchestrators

While containers have become a market staple, you can’t expect to launch them into production if you don’t control them. Orchestrators (e.g. Kubernetes) play an indispensable role in meeting this need.

They offer :

  • Improved resilience
  • Standardisation of implemented applications
  • Consistent quality standards
  • Comprehensive infrastructure management services with a consistent and coherent approach
  • Separation of the Infrastructure from the applications
  • Seamless load build-up with auto-scaling mechanisms

Managed services with added security

It goes without saying: security has to be at the core of any infrastructure, regardless of size. Net4All is committed to ensuring accessibility and providing default high security level. Accessibility is not an option- everyone is entitled to it !

Looking for support on outsourcing your platforms? Feel free contact our teams!