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Net4All and its renowned expertise on the Public Cloud

As a Secure Cloud Operator, Net4All supports its clients in their migration to the public cloud by offering the following services:

  • Roll-out
  • Automatic scaling of your infrastructures
  • Maintaining your platform live to run its operations
  • FinOps
  • Securing your data
  • Integration of our CerberHost solution
  • Creation/Optimisation of Cloud architecture

As a Secure Cloud Hosting provider, we can manage our clients outsourced projects on the public clouds of


Microsoft, AZURE

The highly acclaimed Microsoft AZURE Cloud offers many advantages such as the deployment, automation and management of the various tools available and created for AZURE.

Net4All, recommends and supports its customers in their migration to AZURE. Our mission is also to ensure operational availability.


Exoscale, the Cloud for application developers

Created in 2011, the goal of Exoscale is to provide an adapted user experience in order to ease application developers’ work. Based in Switzerland, Exoscale offers an easy-to-use cloud solution, including a solid support.

As an Exoscale certified partner since 2017, the Net4All teams rely on Exoscale’s skills in order to support its clients on the Cloud of their choice.

AWS cloud public

AWS, Amazon Cloud

Since 2018, Net4All experts have been certified as Advanced Consulting Partner AWS. Mastering this technology, our teams support you in the transformation of your architectures, and the securing of your data.

Security, scalability and availability are the major challenges of your infrastructures. We offer our customers hosting services tailored to the requirements of the Swiss IT market. We seek to support them in the transformation of their platforms towards the public cloud.

CerberHost - Net4All

CerberHost: Cybersecurity Serving the Public Cloud

Your Cloud groups together sensitive data that it is crucial to protect. Aware of this, the Net4All teams operate secure Clouds available on AWS and AZURE.

As a part of our security methodology, we have created CerberHost, our ultra-secure hosting solution, available on the public cloud.

Designed exclusively in-house, CerberHost is the result of several years of R&D. Net4All offers its clients this solution for them to take advantage of a very high level of security. CerberHost, WAF ModSecurity, hard-core, … are added to your AWS platform in order to strengthen its security.

DRPs available on the public cloud

We offer DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) services, which are designed to protect our clients in the event of disasters (floods, fires, power cuts, etc.). For example, the lack of a power generator, or a unique network access can have serious consequences for the recovery of your business.

The mission of these DRPs is to anticipate and mitigate the risks of a potential disaster. By making a strict separation between your production and your recovery infrastructures, you create a physical isolation to face risks such as cyber-attacks, or the total or partial destruction of your data. These services are available on public and private clouds.

Would you need support in your migration to the public cloud? Do not hesitate to contact us!