Career interview with Thibaut Cuttat, Marketing & Communication Intern

To begin with, what is your position at Net4All and what does it entail ?

I joined Net4All in September 2020 for a one-year internship. The title of my job is Marketing & Communication Intern, which consists of taking care of everything related in any way to the company’s internal and external communications. The tasks are extremely varied and the more time passes, the more responsibility I am given.

Why are you doing this internship ? (Studies, field, etc.)

It is often said that things happen by chance, and that is exactly the case for this internship. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in media engineering in September 2019, I had planned to finish my civil service and then go abroad to learn German. But since nothing went according to plan for anyone in 2020 (thanks to COVID), I had to rethink my plans, and so I looked for an internship to get my first professional experience in marketing and communication. My aim is to later pursue a master’s in innovation.

Why did you choose Net4All ?

Even though I’m not a huge fan of technology and the field of web hosting, I seized the opportunity offered to me by Net4All for two reasons. First, for the experience. As I mentioned earlier, it was important for my future career to have some initial experience in marketing and communication. And second, to step out of my comfort zone. Since I don’t have a lot of knowledge in the field of web hosting, I thought that working in the Marketing & Communication department of such a company could only push me to give my best.

What do you like most about this internship ?

More than anything, it’s the diversity. Apart from recurring tasks, such as managing social networks, preparing newsletters or internal communications, no two days are alike. My supervisor, Carine Guillemet, doesn’t hesitate to entrust me with various tasks, which might involve content creation, project management, customer relations and so on … I would like to thank her because she really allows me to put my knowledge into practice in many different subjects, which is exactly what I was looking to get out of this internship.

What is your typical day like ?

It depends on what I am working on. For example, when I was involved in setting up the new Net4All website, my days were all structured in the same way over this period. In fact, I would say that in general my days are divided into two parts; one where I do the various small tasks, and the other where I work on the more time-consuming matters. It’s a very enjoyable middle ground.

What do you think of the management ?

The management is outstanding, especially considering that my supervisor works in France and, given the current health situation, we have not yet had the opportunity to meet. This doesn’t prevent me from having established a real relationship of trust with her, as she lets me take a lot of initiative and I am always clear on the work to be done and the deadlines to be met. I also feel very comfortable at Net4All. Although I am currently the only member of the Marketing & Communication team in Switzerland, everyone has made me feel very welcome and I also have the chance to work with my colleagues on various subjects.

Why do you work in this sector ?

More than anything, it’s for the experience. I enjoy a challenge, and it was really motivating for me to get involved in a sector I know little about. I only see the positive side and what this challenge can do for my future career (and I admit that I’m starting to get used to all these technical terms, I might miss it …). I also assume that the more I vary my experiences, the more I will know where I want to go, because each experience provides me with something new and helps me improve my way of working.

On a personal level, what do you enjoy doing ?

I’m not a complicated person, so I like doing all sorts of things. I am however particularly enthusiastic about sports (especially running, football and tennis), motorcycling and amusement parks. I also love travelling, cinema and I’m a huge thrill-seeker, so as soon as I can try something out of the ordinary, I go for it right away!

What do you think is the most important thing in an internship ?

Apart from good management and a healthy working environment, I think the most important things are daring to step out of your comfort zone and working on subjects that, at first glance, do not inspire confidence.