Case Study – Unigestion



Secure web hosting, a marketing challenge

Because security is also a marketing issue for an enterprise. Geneva-based Unigestion, a company specialising in financial investments, is well aware of this and has entrusted Net4All with the hosting of its corporate website. Olivier Yagmourian, Unigestion Vice President, presents the challenges in terms of image and reputation.

Net4All: Tell us about your business.

O.Y. : Unigestion is a financial institution based in Geneva. We advise institutions on their financial investments, such as: Equities, cross-asset solutions, hedge funds, etc. Also we are active internationally with 200 employees working in our offices in Paris, London, Singapore, New York, Toronto and Montreal.

Net4All: You have chosen a very secure web hosting solution, what is at stake for you?

O.Y. : Above all, it is a question of reputation. Thanks to secure hosting of our website at Net4All, we convey a reassuring image to our clients. There is no issue about confidentiality on our website because we do not disclose any confidential information there. However our company does process information that is confidential and which we secure. Therefore, our web presence and our marketing presence must reflect this same level of security. Thus we are consistent with our marketing approach, our professionalism and our concern with confidentiality.

Net4All: Why did you choose Net4All?

O.Y. : We chose Net4All for the quality of its services and the excellent responsiveness of its teams. The service offerings are well packaged, the provision of servers is fast and the implementation corresponds precisely with the contract.

Depuis cette interview, Unigestion a migré pour notre hébergement haute sécurité CerberHost.

Visit the website: Unigestion