Check out Pascal Blanchut’s interview for Exoscale!




Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Exoscale was founded in 2011. Their main objective is to provide a simplified user experience for application developers. As a matter of fact, Exoscale offers a cloud featuring intuitive interfaces as well as solid support. All the while expanding regionally to provide developers with servers close to home.

Partnership with Net4All

Net4All has been using Exoscale’s platforms for hybrid infrastructures since 2017. The same is true for backup, replication, disaster recovery and development infrastructures throughout the entire customer value chain. For Net4All, whose core business is to provide 24/7 managed services and ensure the security of solutions across multiple clouds, working with the Exoscale teams is particularly rewarding.

As such, the Chief Operating Officer at Net4All, Pascal Blanchut, enthusiastically agreed to be interviewed to talk about this collaboration. The video of the interview can be found on our LinkedIn page and will soon be available on our YouTube channel.

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