Health Data Information Management

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The advent of e-health

For several years now, this industry has been undergoing a significant digital transformation. Solutions using health data are proliferating.

However, health data is extremely sensitive and requires highly secure information management. As Net4All is aware of this, and make all necessary efforts to ensure the security of your information system by bringing more reliability to the company, its assets, its customers and its employees.

Net4All’s Support: Securing Medical Innovation

With the primary goal of sustaining your company and bringing confidence to your ecosystem, we are committed to secure medical innovation through different solutions.

Health Data Information Management: ISO 27001 Certification

Net4All is ISO 27001 certified, which allows us to ensure a shared foundation to all the project stakeholders, while providing a detailed description of the requirements related to the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Dedicated Support for Healthcare Publishers

Net4All has been collaborating with software publishers and start-ups for many years. As we are aware of the challenges, and in order for you to innovate in full security environment, we can offer you a bespoke support.

Today we are proud to partner with Kinntek Sàrl, health software publisher.


Discover the Kinntek client case study, publisher of health software for orthopaedic, trauma and neuro-rehabilitation providers.

« We have confidence in our partners with whom we have been working for several years now. In addition, Concepto and Net4All enjoyed (and still enjoy) an excellent reputation among professionals in the region. « 

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