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High-Security Challenges

International organisations face serious security challenges highly sensitive data, a high profile, sites that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

This particular sector is highly visible internationally and plays a significant role in high-impact decision-making. Any kind of fraudulent intrusion on an international organisation’s site or platform can seriously impact other key players.

Net4All’s approach to International Organisation information management.

With more than 20 years of experience as a Swiss Secure Cloud Operator and supporting International Organisations, Net4All guarantees you the best security solutions available on the market.


Net4All provides 24/7 support for you with high-availability hosting and security services: certified information management ISO 27001, hosting CerberHost, security audits, vulnerability monitoring, etc.

Data Security is our #1 priority

Designed as a high-security web hosting solution CerberHost is the right solution for your business challenges. CerberHost is available on-demand or on the public cloud AWS.

We include a number of security tools in our solution: Anti-DDos protection, WAF (Web Application Firewall),encryption. CerberHost Advanced offers you even more, including SOC security monitoring, frequent code reviews, vulnerability testing, etc.

Today, we are proud to support the International Automobile Federation and the Croix Rouge Vaudoise


See our interview with Croix Rouge Vaudoise

« I feel very positive about this partnership this, and I wish to congratulate the VRC management for their decision. »

Would you like more information about International Organisation information management? Feel free to contact our Net4All teams!