Outsourcing Bank – Fiduciary

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An Industry Facing Major Challenges

Rapid digitisation

Following the entry of neo-banks, the world of finance is now experiencing a strong acceleration of its digitalisation. By responding to the needs of new users through innovative distribution channels (customer extranet, mobile application, etc.), these new players have significantly reduced Time To Market.

High Security Stakes

In Switzerland, the financial industry is one of the most regulated sectors f the economy, governed by FINMA. This leads to additional care from ISSM and CIO security services. Not to mention the users of platforms who pay more and more attention to personal data protection.

Net4All’s Method Considering Outsourcing Bank – Fiduciary

As a Secure Cloud Operator, we offer you the best security commitment from the market.

Our Support

Throughout the journey of your digital transformation, we will support you with services tailored to best fit with your requirements. For example, writing and monitoring bespoke security assurance plans, ISO 27001 certified hosting, support for your data centric transformation, daily monitoring of vulnerabilities, and so on.

Security of Your Data

We provide an ultra-secure solution, in addition to organisational security: CerberHost. Available on the Public Cloud as well as in our data centres, this solution includes extensive encryption, Anti-DDos protection, and the possibility of SOC-type security monitoring. Periodically, our security experts run test solutions focusing on application vulnerabilities.

After nearly 20 years of experience, Net4All is proud to be currently supporting the Banque Cantonal du Valais,and the Banque Eric Sturdza.


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